Generate your scout neckerchief

  1. Choose a type of neckerchief using the radio buttons in the form below,,
  2. Choose the colors for each part of the selected neckerchief, using rollovers,,
  3. Press the Generate! button: here is your .svg neckerchief!

Welcome on NeckGen 1.0.3 alpha2, the ScoutWiki Network's scout neckerchief generation tool.

Here, you can generate a .svg vector image of your scout neckerchief, to be used on your local group's article on ScoutWiki.

You will be proposed to download the generated neckerchief, so that you can upload it on ScoutMedia and use it as any other image on the ScoutWiki of your choice.

You are granted permission to use the generated neckerchief under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alikelicence, which means you are allowed to use the generated neckerchief anywhere else, and to modify it or include it in any other work of yours, provided that you tell it has been created using this tool and release the resulting work under a similar licence.

Select the type of neckerchief

Simple Bordered Striped
Symmetrical Bordered-symmetrical

Select the colors



Inner stripe:

Outer stripe:

Right background:

Right border: